~Karen's Kreations~
                         Authentic  Reborn Dolls by Karen Potter

Some of the most frequently asked questions:

1) Can I bathe my reborn?  Nope....it's made of vinyl with a cloth body that has been filled with fine glass beads and polyfill.  You can use a damp cotton swab to clean inside the ears or between the fingers and toes but NEVER use baby wipes to clean a reborn, they contain alcohol and alcohol will remove the paint.

2) Will my reborn smell like a real baby?  I don't use scents of any kind, my nursery is smoke free and pet free.  If you'd like your baby to "smell real" a little baby powder in the diaper can do that.

3) Will the paint chip or peel over time?  The paint will not chip or peel. I paint

very thin watercolor-like layers, baked and sealed.  I use Genesis heat set paints, they are meant to last a lifetime.  BUT with constant clothing changes and "play" the doll might get a bit shiny so to alleviate that problem, my last step is to varnish with a combination of satin/matte varnish.  It protects the paint, leaving a slight texture.

4) What age group are these dolls for?  Reborns are expensive, they are not meant as toys or playthings and should not be given to children under the age of 12.  However, you know your child. and if you have a very responsible 8 yr old who loves babies and you feel s/he will take care of it properly, then by all means, buy it for her/him, but please note that the artist is not responsible for damage caused by a child. 

5) Where can I send my reborn for repair?  If treated with care and handled responsibly, your reborn should not need repair.  I send along a few extra cable ties with each one, just in case one might come loose over time or even break, but other than that, I can't imagine what repairs would be needed.  As I said, these dolls are not toys and should be treated with care. 

6) Will the vinyl stain?  It could stain if your doll is wearing a denim outfit or dark clothing.  I recommend dressing your doll in light colored clothing or at the very least, washing a dark garment before putting it on your doll.  A long sleeved white bodysuit and a pair of tights under the clothing helps a bit, too.  Better safe than sorry!

7) Why are reborn dolls so expensive?  These dolls are art, not playthings. I make a quality reborn doll using the best materials available.  Each one takes 2-3 weeks to make.  I will not rush a baby, nor will I compromise on quality.  I keep my prices as fair as possible so that anyone who wants one can afford one.  These dolls are not cheap, they are not toys; they are hand painted works of art that will last for years to come if cared for properly. 

8) Can I send a check or money order as payment?  I accept PayPal as payment.  Once your payment has cleared my bank, your baby will ship ~ this normally takes 1-3 business days.  Upon shipment, I email the tracking number to buyer.

9) What if I get my doll home and don't bond with it or feel like I spent too much money? 

There are no returns and no refunds, so please ask any questions before purchase.  I am always glad to hear from potential buyers, and will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

10) Will care instructions be included with my doll?  Yes, a note card with detailed care instructions is sent out with every doll.

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