~Karen's Kreations~
                         Authentic  Reborn Dolls by Karen Potter

 I discovered reborn dolls on eBay in 2002.   I was absolutely mesmerized. I mean, these dolls looked like REAL BABIES!  

I set out to discover all I could about the art of making reborn dolls.  Back then, there were no tutorials, no classes, no doll kits.  We bought Berenguer play dolls, took them apart, painted them with either oil or acrylic paint, used nail polish and gel pens for nails, and wigs for hair.  I belonged to a small doll forum where we chatted and posted pictures of our dolls.  The first dolls I sold were to doll friends on the Marie Osmond Doll Forum.  Those ladies gave me my start and many of them are still collecting my dolls today! 

I have lost track of how many dolls I've made since 2002...probably somewhere around 700 or so.  I love this art today even more than I did when I first started! The ultimate compliment is when someone says "Your baby looks so real, it's creepy" Why, thank you very much!

Many, many hours go into each baby. No more nail polish, gel pens, wigs, or play sand for weighting!  Reborning has evolved so much since those early days.  I use nothing but the finest materials available because I want every one of my "kreations" to be loved and treasured for years to come. It takes me 2-3 weeks to complete a doll. I love seeing a blank doll kit come to "life" as I paint layer upon layer to achieve realistic skin tones. No details are ever overlooked on my babies. They are painted with love and care. 

I am constantly searching for new methods of reborning, always trying to up my game to make the most realistic babies possible.  I belong to several reborn doll forums where we share tips and learn so much from each other all while supporting each other's efforts and cheering each other on as we paint, sell, and ship these dolls all over the world.

I was thrilled when asked to do an article on reborning for the January 2005 issue of Doll Crafter Magazine. I made a couple of babies named Will and Felicia, named for my younger brother and sister, neither of whom collect dolls, but both were quite pleased when I presented them with their babies!

I love shopping for newborn babies, so that's an added bonus in this job! Everything my babies wear is new, purchased just for them. I take extra care to make sure my babies are packed very well for their travels home.

You can shop with confidence, knowing that you are receiving an authentic, hand painted reborn doll from my nursery!

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